Thursday, 18 February 2010

My 5k, My Way

Thursday has always historically been 'My Day'. It's the day I do stuff for me, no favours for friends, no helping out the fam; 'It's all about me!'. Since last year when I got into Tri, it's kinda gone like this; early morning 5k, work (unfortunate I know), chill at home for an hour, swimming practice, back home for a long relaxing shower, wash my hair, then a meal I prepared the day before (no cooking on 'My Day') and finally veg out in front of the TV for the remainder of the night (Thursday is Grey Anatomy or Private Practice). I've been missing that recently, the dark morning have prevented me from getting out of bed early enough to run before work and sometime to even get into work! I firmly believe that if the sun can't be bothered to get up neither should I!
This morning though, I decided to get up, get out and change all of that. The sun has been rising earlier and I thought at worst I could watch the sun rise as I ran. No such luck! By the time I dragged myself out of bed it was sticking its tongue out and laughing at me! But you know what I was so glad to see a bright morning that I just didn't care! Don't get me wrong the weather outside was not great; fog, ice and a nice stiff breeze to go with, but I'm out of bed, I've already completed one work out for the day and I know the rest of my day is gonna be great! Even if I am late for work because I decided to start my blog this morning! See this is what early morning sunrises do for me - get me motivated.
I'm a morning person, just not in the winter!
Sweets x

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  1. Great start to your blog and what a start to your day. Looking forward to more updates, learning more about triathlon training and having a smile with you.

    What are your competition plans?