Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Three words for you; HIT THE WALL!!!

I always wondered what this term meant and tried to imagine it, but never thought it would apply to me. I mean, I don't run enough for that right? I'm not a serious trainer, my schedule has 25 miles per week in it, and how often does life get in the way of that?

Well tonight I felt it, I actually knew what the term meant and boy is it like hitting a wall, having a light bulb blow, your car battery dying, it's just zap and your gone! I couldn't even see what was happening; one minute I was running, albeit struggling at a really slow pace, and the next I couldn't even put one foot in front of the other! It happened on the last interval rep, I could see the leaders running back towards me saying don't stop moving, jog! And yet my feet wouldn't cooperate. My hips felt all stiff and although I was trying to run I wasn't actually moving, what astounded me is that I was sure that my brain was still telling my body to run, but it just wasn't happening! My face must have been aghast as I shouted back "I'm trying, I can't!" I could have collapsed right there and then, I sure as hell wanted to; it wasn't even want, it was a need, shear willpower kept me on my feet and the only thing that got me back was my other TeamMK members. They surrounded me and talked me through; just step it up a little bit, keep going, you've got to push through, not long to go now. Not long to go? I had absolutely no idea where I was, how far away we were, I remembered someone (don't ask me who!) saying we're nearly at the allotments... allotments? we run past allotments? If you've been there you know what I mean!

The fact I hadn't slept more than four hours a night since Sunday, had been completely on the go since Saturday morning and had skipped lunch that day probably didn't help. Anyway, the program for the next week is threefold; try to get some sleep in the days before a training session, eat lunch before a run (Weetabix for brekky is evidently not enough), try to rest and cut out the running for the next few days.... I'll take better care in future and stop burning the candle at both ends; I've got a marathon with my name on it you know!

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