Sunday, 9 May 2010

BHF London Jog Trilogy - Tower of London Jog

I meant to post this on Wednesday, but ended up spending the whole evening in London and forgot! If I'm honest I was kinda dreading this run, I still have bruises all over my legs from the fall I took off my bike on Saturday and I spent the morning at A & E having my ankle checked out. I'd found a lump over one of the screws and I needed to check that it wasn't my screw dislodged after my fall. Luckily it wasn't apparently the knock caused a lump of tissue to grow (in a perfect little circle I might add!) over the screw head. Given the all clear I had no excuse not to use some TOIL and bunk off work early to travel to London for this jog. 

I arrived at 18:00 and planned to run 10km. I'd planned to meet @Donna_De there as well who was coming over after work. At the start I was a bit nervous; the run had been going since 16:30, it was one of those dip in dip out runs that you could start when you wanted and finish when your ready. The actual run was a loop in the moat of the Tower, not a loop all around, but a loop back on yourself around three sides of the tower. Each loop was meant to be 1km, but when they measured it it came up as 0.9km, which meant I needed to do 11 loops instead of the 10 I had mentally prepared for! Luckily I only heard the announcement once I was well into my run and by that time and extra loop didn't really mean much!

The first 3 loops were the hardest, I wasn't sure I would make it and I felt so unfit! Just once I'd warmed up (maybe I should have done that before...) it was actually quite fun. The ground was uneven in places and soft & squidgy. I soon got a text from Donna to say she had arrived and by the time I was on my 9th lap I'd met up with her, another benefit of laps I guess! I finished up my last two laps and ran a lap with Donna and we tried to catch up as much as our breath would allow! lol. Another run down, other medal earned and the best part of the day was meeting up with Donna!

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