Monday, 3 May 2010

New Dawn - Tri Plan Week One

Today I started Week Two of my Triathlon Training Plan. That might not mean a lot to you, but to me it signifies something important; I completed Week One! I've had rough training programmes in my head and even had programmes drawn up for me by friends and coaches, but I've never stuck to them. After recovering from my injury however I wanted to take my training more seriously and use a proper plan, stick to it and see if I could make it to the London Triathlon in one piece, gutted as I was that injury kept me away from the London Marathon. 

So Week One is under my belt, I swam 1300m, rode 31km and ran 30km. I also did a spin class, 3 core sessions and survived a tumble off my bike. I am on my way. Actually beginning to feel like a triathlete now and damn does it feel good! I can not tell you how tired I am though! I went out Saturday to see my little brother perform and Sunday night to a club with the girls. Now you know you're an athlete when you don't dance too hard in case you cause yourself an injury! lol. I did mix up my rest days to fit my social life in which meat I did not have one clear day where I was doing to training whatsoever, which is probably bad in the long run, but I intend to rectify that this week and rest up completely on Saturday and just do core work on Wednesday (and go to bed early too!).

Last week was a good week, even including the tumble. I have bruises on my legs, my arse is sore form all the hours on the bike and I think one of the screws in my ankle has come loose, but I am happy. Happy to make it through Week One and I've already got started on Week Two; Bank Holiday Monday and I've ridden 26.5 mile already! I have my first half marathon since my injury on Sunday and I'm looking forward to that already, I'm planning a nice and steady run no PBs, just feeling the legs out again. Week Two here I come!

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