Tuesday, 20 April 2010

#i8this Challenge - Day Four

Today I was very, very good and I was only a little bad... I love the good things about this challenge, I'm drinking more water (3l today woohoo!), I'm eating more veg and leafy greens (at least one leafy portion a day) and I'm still getting all my yummy fruit in. I've been trying to use the fruit to replace all my indulgent snacks i.e. chocolates and biscuits. Especially raisins as they are just like sweets! lol. But this is the area where I struggle, today someone lovely soul in the office brought in sweets, not those little packets of sweets, but the big tubs you find in the sweetie store. But I was as good as I could be, there were mushroom and pencils and I only had two of each, I could have quite easily have had a handful of both! My only other discretion was to eat three custard creams after hitting the gym tonight, but after 3 hours of working out I think I deserved it!

Yummiest part of today was this amazing discovery; I recently stocked up on a few Linda McCartney meals. Being a vege it's sometimes hard to pick ready meals and I end up doing lots of cooking at home, but when you get in late from training like I did tonight you want something quick, easy and healthy to eat, with very little fuss. This did it and it tastes great! Chicken style pieces tasted like chicken, hot and spicy and full of veg pieces - 2 of your 5 a day apparently! And it was full of lentils, and I hate lentils, but I ate every last one! Yummy, might even add lentils to my shopping list now...

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