Saturday, 17 April 2010

#i8this Challenge - Day One

So I've made it through the first day, that's the hardest part right? Well today was a little crazy, I work up at 06:30, but decided that was way too early to get up on a Saturday morning. I woke again at 08:00 and text the bf to tell him I was up (he's working nights), I got up and went back to sleep quite a few times, always doing something in between, making a call, responding to emails etc. But I didn't actually really leave my bed until 15:30, when I got a text from the bf asking me to meet him in town for a coffee. I guess he was up early and as we hadn't seen each other for a while he decided he'd like to spend the afternoon with me. Which was actually really sweet, especially as it was a lovely day outside and way I was going I would have missed it entirely!

So I showered, shaved (my legs - summer dress weather!), dressed, grabbed a bottle of water and headed into town to meet him. We ended up having lunch at Pret, which was good as it meant I got my leafy greens in in the form of a crayfish & avocado salad (my fav!)

Dinner was cooked for me, which is a good thing as he cooks a lot healthier than I do! We had grilled sea bass, roast potatoes, a medley of mixed veg; broccoli, cauliflower, carrots & cherry tomatoes. Snacks today were mainly light mini babybel & Clementines. I brought lots of fruit while we were out shopping, but not all of it is ripe yet :-(. 

Christine put up a post today about Love On Some Fruit. Now this really caught my attention and it looked like a really interesting exercise to do. Take time out to show your appreciation for your fruit, prepare it with love and enjoy every mouthful. My midnight snack was my yummy raisins and this is how I showed them I loved them!

I think I've managed 1l of water today, so on that part I've failed miserably, but I have had lots of fruit & veg and I've stayed away from the chocolate and other sweet snacks, so I am retiring to my bed today feeling very good about myself! Oh yeah, I even managed a Yakult too (they were giving them away in the mall), so my tummy is happy too!

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