Sunday, 14 March 2010

Adidas Silverstone Half

What a bore! Yes that's right I said it! What a bore!

Okay, so I've had a really bad week where I've just wanted to stay in bed and have my duvet swallow me up whole. But I came out; I got up at 08:00 on a Sunday, had a shower, got dressed, drove over to Towcester and ran around a dull as ditch water racecourse. Ok, ok I know I complain and I moan about all those hilly courses that I've been doing recently, but a hill or two would have been a godsend on this course and in fact there where two 'hills' or bridges, whatever! Even the crowd was dull! Ok, there was one person who called out my name (it's on the front of my shirt), but when I turned back to smile my thanks he looked bored and disinterested and had turned away to pay little interest in the next runner *sigh*. 

Then there was the wind! It's was a beautiful sunny day, I was tempted to run in just my singlet until I got out of the car! As it happens I had only put on my singlet and then a tee that morning so the walk from the car park to the start line was a long and cold one. In fact I found a loo and added a long sleeve top under my singlet to run in. Around the course the sun was really shining (making apologies for the winter no doubt) and it was hot enough to go sleeveless, but the wind was enough to pick me off my feet and caused me to run off course a few times. So sleeveless would not have worked.

To add insult to injury that course was not 13.1 miles. I noticed the discrepancy from mile 1, it's was about 100m out, and it went on. This happens on some courses when you're a road runner (gosh can I really call myself that?), they pick the nearest lamppost to put the mile markers on and they are not always accurate, but they usually even out in the end. This course however, did not. I hit the lap button at 13.1 and clocked 2:09. The course however went on another 0.2 miles to 13.3 and I didn't even remember to hit the stop button at the end, oops! It's now 21:03 and the race results still haven't been published, which is just bad form! I did talk to everyone who I saw with a GPS watch at the end of the race and we all clocked 13.3miles so it wasn't just me. I estimate my final chip time to be around 2:11, but I think I'm gonna stick to my Garmin's 13.1 mile time.

Oh, and the medal; it's pretty cool. Only there's no where on it that I can engrave with my name, so yet another #fail for the Silverstone course. Just in case you didn't click; this time neat year I will be doing something far better with my time!

Next week Reading Half!

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