Wednesday, 24 March 2010

My Challenge

I was at the Dr’s a couple of weeks ago and they did the usual check up thingies; recorded my blood pressure (constantly low), checked my last smear dates and the dreaded weigh in. Actually I wasn’t dreading the weigh in, not even after I stepped on the scales. The nurse had asked me if I wanted to remove any of my clothing before I hopped on and I said no, I mean it’s just numbers right? You and I both know that clothes only account for maybe a kg or two so what’s the point? I didn’t register my weight as she noted it, but I did hear her say you’ve put on 7kg since we last saw you! SHOCK, HORROR! Well no not really there was not shock and horror; I knew this already. But I’ll be damned hearing someone tell you just exactly how fat you’ve become since they last saw you really hits the spot; I’ve been thinking of it ever since.

And so a plan was hatched… I’m actually quite good at dieting. I don’t do it as I take great pleasure in my food. I love eating! Dieting is not a good idea whilst training, I guess you should just try to eat healthily and maybe eat a little less! The plan was to start dieting in April; my last race before the London Marathon (VLM) was on 28th March and my tapering would begin shortly after. My recent injury has given me the opportunity (yes I meant to use that word!) to get started early and try to shed some extra pounds before VLM. I can’t train, but I can either sit on my bottom & get fat or try to loose some weight so I can run faster even without training!

My plan is to try a mixture of the Cambridge Diet and sensible eating. I did CD a couple of years ago and lost a stone and kept it off for long enough to make it worthwhile. My starting weight then was about the same as it is now; 69.3 and I got down to 61.4 over 3 months. The diet is based on drinking a number of soups and shakes at less than 150 calories each over the day and drinking 2-3 litres of water. Sole Source is where you start if you have more than a stone to loose and means drinking three CDs a day, 3l of water and nothing else – you DO NOT exercise when starting on SS! I did SS for about 4 weeks and dropped around 2kgs a week. Seeing the changes every week kept me motivated and I was even weighing myself daily to see the lbs shed! I loved it! But it is not the kind of diet that can be sustained for long and come June I’d a) grown bored of it and b) started training again so didn’t need to cut calories.

I’m putting this plan into action tomorrow, so wish me luck. I will be trying as much as I can to blog everyday and update you all on my progress. 

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