Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Day Six – Back On Track

The one good thing that I can say about this diet is that I am having my five a day. All of my indulgent snacks have been replaced with fruit. Lots of fruits! Today I had a banana in the morning, an apple at lunch, a mandarin and Clementine for an afternoon snack and don’t forget the raisins – a grazers friend! Lunch was a sweet salad; lettuce, red cabbage and carrot. Dinner had cabbage, onion and avocado – that’s way more than five right? Making me super healthy! Oh, I did have poached eggs with lunch and steamed fish with dinner too – I’m not that vegetarian!

Keeping it short and sweet today. Had a good day, ate lots – three meals and lots of fruit lol. My ankle was playing up today; I had to take ibuprofen for the firs time in days. Guess its just adjusting to being released from all the strapping and having to work, even if it is only walking! Work was stressful so wasn’t it the mood for core work when I got home, but should be back on it tomorrow – it’s all I’ve got right now!

Oh and most importantly before I disappear today I gained 1.4lbs. No doubt punishment for yesterdays carb overdose! But never mind I’m back on track now…

Calories Consumed: 1048
Weight: 67.2kg 10st 7.8lbs
Weight Loss: -0.6kg -1.4lbs
Cumulative: 1.4kg 3.6lbs

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