Monday, 29 March 2010

Day Five – Carb Cravings…

I spent ages thinking about what to call this post, and what to say. When I weighed myself this morning I hadn’t lost anything, no worries this happens. It is the reason why you shouldn’t weigh yourself every day. I just do it as it adds to the experiment. Usually this means your body has grown accustomed to the calorie reduction of whatever it is your doing. I just didn’t expect it to happen so soon!

The one thing that I have missed over the last few days is my bread. I’m a carb addict, a self confessed carb addict. I love bread; I could live on bread alone. My lunch is quite often just a baguette and butter; what more do you need? SO the hardest part of all this has been binning the bread. I guess you could argue that the two slices of bread I had last night could have stopped my weight loss… It’s a good theory.

So today I fell off the wagon I started out really well, but got to a stage where I was so stressed at work and knowing that I wouldn’t get out of the office before 19:00, well it just made me hungry! The other bad thing I did was to start munching early; well early for me. I’m not a morning eater, I need to get into my day first before I start eating, as once I start I really, really can’t stop. I was invigilating an assessment centre this morning and took my lunch box in for company before lunch had hit I’d already eaten most of my afternoon snacks I stopped short of eating the Clementine and mandarin (yes I have two types of orange in my lunch box!) as I thought the smell would put the candidates off! By the time the afternoon arrived I’d found a packet of crisps in my drawer and was scoffing someone’s biscuits… A sad, sad day. But in reality these days happen and what I really should be doing is going carb free as much as possible, but giving myself one sin-free day where I can quit the diet and eat what I like! This week that day will be (excluding today of course); Sunday, Easter Sunday. The day I’m spending with my Mum, my brothers, and my sister and her brood. Happy days!

Stats are below I’ve actually lost a nice few inches and pounds over the last few days! Good work Sheryne, keep it up!

Calories Consumed: 1705
Weight: 66.6kg 10st 6.4lbs
Weight Loss: 1.2kg 2.8lbs
Cumulative: 2.2kg 5lbs
Chest 76cm 30"
Bust 95cm 37.5"
Waist 70cm 27.5"
Hips 96.5cm 38"
Thighs L 57cm 22.5" R 58cm 22.8"
Arms L 28.5cm 11.2" R 28cm 11"

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