Friday, 26 March 2010

Day Two – The Follow Through

So yesterday I had a measly 905 calories and did it make a huge difference to my weight or well being overnight? No. I lost just over a lb, but that was probably just water anyway. I do however have a terrific headache this morning but then I had one of those yesterday as well...

This morning a friend commented that 900 calories is not enough and she is right, it’s not. But when I first did this diet two years ago I was only having 554 calories a day and although I haven’t really given myself a calorie limit I am expecting to consume around 1000 calories a day give or take a couple hundred.

So how did today go? Good, I guess I had a bit of a mishap at lunch but otherwise enjoyed my day. Driving into the office today I had no idea how I was gonna make it through. I was half asleep and I hadn’t even got to my desk yet! Had to do a shopping trip on the way in (office ran out of milk, tea, coffee and sugar!), this should have woken me up a bit, I say should have… I got in and went to make my morning cuppa and found there was no tea – I missed that on the shopping trip. So I went for coffee instead – I hate coffee but I did need the caffeine. I snacked on fruit most of the morning, but lunch was a laugh. I went to make a vegetable CD soup, I boiled the kettle, got my mug out, measured the water (hot water) and started pouring my ‘soup’ into it. I knew something was wrong when the water started turning pink, now I love pink, but not for vegetable soup. I’d picked up my strawberry shake instead of the soup! Doh! I managed to rescue the rest of sachet and start again with cold water, but a nice hot soup after all my fruit. Never mind.

The rest of the day passed without incident. I’m getting better with my 3l water target yesterday I drank 1.5l plus tea and today I’ve had 2.25l plus tea! I decided to do a core workout following @kharamills advice and did a disappointing 20 mins using two workout vids. I need to find a way to extend this workout without having to repeat the vid(s). I have a new vid from a friend that I haven’t tried might give that a go tomorrow depending on how my days goes…

Dinner was smoked haddock again, but with a baked /grilled aubergine instead of cabbage. I had an aubergine in my fridge for a few days as I had been planning to make moussaka, but I didn’t want it to go off so I decided it was tonight’s dinner! As I took it out of the fridge I notice the sticker that said a) don’t refrigerate and b) eat within two days of purchase… I guess that fact that I refrigerated extends it’s life; right? Anyway I cross cut the two halves and rubbed them with garlic paste, seasoned with sea salt and ground pepper and baked in the oven for 25mins. If I wasn’t on a diet I would drizzle with olive oil, but hey best I can do! One half I ate as is the other half I grated cheese on and grilled till the cheese melted – it’s better with cheese, but at least now I know!

Not to neglect myself I rounded the night off with a mini Toffee Crisp and some Easter egg! Who said dieting isn’t fun!

Calories Consumed: 940
Weight: 68.2kg 10st 10lbs
Weight Loss: 0.6kg 1.4lbs

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