Thursday, 25 March 2010

My Diet: Day One

Here we go again. Yes, we have been here before and we have blogged this before, but maybe not here lol! Today I reminded myself both of the benefits of this method and of the downside. So yeah you get to loose weight yada, yada, yada. Downsides are tiredness, nausea, depression, mood swings, constipation, oh yeah and wind, lots and lots of wind, if all the rest weren't enough! lol. I was quite lucky the first time round, although my friends may disagree with the mood swing part!

My starting point is two CDs a day (300 calories) plus a carb free sensible meal in the evening and fruit as snacks during the day. Well that was what I intended anyway! The day went something like this:

I got into work and told my team about my diet; to many stares and whys?, but hey ho. I had a breakfast shake (strawberry) lined up along with a banana as I mid morning snack. As it turned out the first thing I did was make a cup of tea (calorie free) add sweetners and skimmed milk and well that turned out to be breakfast! I did have my banana simply because I needed to eat something in order to take my ibuprofen. Other than that I was done for the morning and set to start downing all this water. Now the water is really important; drink enough and you can loose a few lbs in the first day simply from water retention. 

I had to nip out mid morning to go to the physio and I didn't get back till lunch time when it was all kicking off at work. So I didn't get to have lunch straight away and I was famished by the time I did. Lunch was mushroom soup followed by an apple and yet more water... What I hate about eating is that it makes me want to eat more and more, especially when I working. I find that I when sat in front of a laptop I eat without thinking. When I was studying a couple of week ago I stayed up quite late and tidied up the day after. I cleared away a pack of Pringles (the whole tube), Jelly Babies (the share bag), Sweet Thai Chilli crisps (large size) and well that's bad enough isn't it? Needless to say I still had three square meals that day and snacks too. I'd estimate my daily calorie intake at about 3000 per day. Ouch! So this was the bit where it got hard; lunch was just the signal for a continuous stream of food as far as my stomach was concern, and yet I was good. I ate two Clementines and some raisins to get me through the afternoon.

Dinner was smoked haddock, which I baked with half a tomato, half a shallot, lemon juice and some herb I can picture, but can't name right now! I added some sweetcorn and steamed some cabbage with onion for flavour. A nice meal, but I was still hungry! No kidding your saying thinking of the junk I normally knock back! Well I need to top up with out having any carbs and trying to get additional protein, so my natural choice was eggs! I poached two in the microwave and they almost filled me up, almost... The night was rounded off with a 99 calorie Toffee Crisp and well that was day one.

Stats for today:
Calories Consumed: 905

Weight: 68.8kg 10st 11.4lbs
Chest: 79cm 31"
Bust: 100cm 39.3"
Waist: 71cm 28"
Hips: 98.6cm 38.75"
Thighs: L 58.5cm 23" R 58.5cm 23"
Arms: L 29cm 11.5" R 28cm 11"

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