Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Day Seven – Evaluation

So after a week on this diet, blogging every day, I’ve done a little re-evaluation today. I’ve lost 1.4kg (3.6lbs for those on the old imperial system!), which is good all in all for a diet. I still have another 7kg to go. Realistically I’d like to get to 62kg, but as a runner I was told I should aim for 55kg. That sounds harsh to me, but what I’ve realised over the last week and what my bf keeps telling me is that I eat the wrong foods. Well that and the fact that I eat indiscriminately and constantly! I used to hate crisps, now I eat a few packs a day, then there’s the chocolate and lets not forget the biscuits… This week I swapped all those snacks for fruits, yoghurt and cups of tea! And what I’ve realised is that I can survive!

The whole reason behind this diet is my lack of training at the moment. I hate the fact that I can’t run right now, that I can’t even get on a bike, or my new bike! Missing out on training is like loosing part of my life, I’ve only spoke to team members via text and I’m missing the face to face contact with other athletes. The upcoming London Marathon is all I can think about and everyday I’m testing out my ankle to see how it feel and what I might be able to do on it today. Most my days start off good then I’ll get a twinge or two and realise that all is still not well. I sacked my the physio this week. I wasn’t confident with him and called the physio I’ve been using over the last few years. Zoe’s great; she fixed up my back after a car accident and my calf when I first started having problems with it just before Christmas so I called her on Monday and told her what was happening. She disagreed with the other physio and agreed with what the Doc had said at the hospital; ligament damage. Now this means a longer recovery then tendonitis, but I prefer the honesty and be able to really relate to and trust my physio then I do the team thing and have someone try to get me out there prematurely. Zoe only works one day a week, which is why I went with the team physio in the first place, but I rather wait for an appointment then not be confident in my treatment. So I’ve been told to completely rest for the week and I have an appointment with Zoe on Wednesday. Looking forward to seeing her and having a good old girly catch up!

I must admit I’ve bored myself with these daily blogs and finding the time to write them! So the plan going forward is a weekly update on the diet and the rest of my blog shall return to all things running, fundraising and life! Thanks for reading folks!

Calories Consumed: 861
Weight: 67.2kg 10st 7.8lbs
Weight Lost: 0kg 0lbs
Cumulative: 1.4kg 3.6lbs

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