Saturday, 27 March 2010

Day Three – Hanging Strong

Today was my first day dieting from home i.e. with easy access to a kitchen all day! The one saving grace was that my Dad was around today. He’d come over to fix my electric shower as it hasn’t been working for a while, much to my annoyance! (the shower that is!). Anyway I ended up skipping breakfast completely as I went to collect Dada from the station. I grabbed an apple when we got back, but it was into the house for a quick survey then out to the shops to buy parts. We spend a few hours out getting the bits for the shower and parts for my lovely new bike that has a flat tyre from sitting in the shed, duh? That is really another story…

Dad announced whilst we were out that he was hungry so I offered to make lunch when we got back to mine. Dad had a jacket potato, with cheese and beans – both of the low fat variety and I had a plate full of sweet salad with spring onion, topped with a bit of cheese and a low fat French dressing. I added a Quorn burger for some protein too, but they don’t really give all that much. Usually I would have this meal with sliced turkey and fresh toasted bread, but going vege negates the turkey and no carbs means no bread. A cup of tea and I was full and ready to get on with the day!

Worked with Dad (sort of) to get the shower done then spent some time on the bike learning how to fix a puncture and adding all my little accessories! I’d brought lights and a bike computer, a new bell, mini pump and a lock that all needed to be fitted. Dad did some, I did some and we had fun working together. Dad wanted us to go swimming after, but I’ve been told to a) avoid the pool and b) not have long baths whilst my ankle is all taped up. The tape isn’t really waterproof; after my first shower it started lifting… Dad went home to hit his own gym and pool and I went home in search of food.

On my other days I have been substituting one meal with a CD shake or soup. Today I had two meals; dinner was another large salad, with cheese, dressing and two poached eggs. I chilled in the evening with another mini Toffee Crisp and two helpings of raisins. I’ve slacked on the water today; 1.5l plus two cups of tea. Not nearly enough, neither is my calorie intake at 823, but it wasn’t intentional. Might just have some chocolate now to compensate…

At this rate I have a week to go before reaching my goal, hopefully by then I’ll be back on my feet running again and won’t need to diet anymore!

Calories Consumed: 823
Weight: 67.8kg 10st 9.2lbs
Weight Loss: 0.4kg 0.8lbs
Cumulative: 1kg 2.2lbs

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