Sunday, 28 March 2010

Day Four – Not So Good

The clocks went forward this morning and I have a mad hectic few weeks at work so I took my last opportunity to have a serious lie in and stayed in bed till after noon. So I surfed the net a bit, sent email and spoke to friends, but all from the comfort of my duvet; ahhh! I also had a short conversation with my Mum and told her about my diet, she’s just started a diet as well, but hasn’t lost any weight as yet. She know when I diet I go to extremes, but most importantly that the diets are short lived and I always return to healthy eating afterwards.

When I did finally drag myself out of bed it was straight into a long hot shower. Now this could be completely unrelated, but I have to admit, as I promised to be completely candid in this blog, that I very nearly passed out under the hot spray. I managed to drag myself out the shower and laid down for a while after which I was fine. I then went out shopping just grabbing and apple for before leaving. Any sensible person would have eaten a full breakfast, but it’s Sunday and Sunday trading mean the shops close early so I was out the as soon as poss! At Asda I stocked up on salad, fruit, Quorn bits, and other essentials including a bumper pack of KitKat ;-).I passed Next bought myself a dress in a size 8, this is not my size I’m a 10-12 or even 14 in dresses, but it was the last one they had so I thought I’d give it a try; I’ll tell you tomorrow if it fits!

By the time I got back I was famished! Lunch was a big salad and three egg omelette with shallots and cheese. I made it in the microwave (my first time) to negate the need for oil. It actually wasn’t too bad, I’m a big fan of fat so cutting it out makes a real difference to me. What shocked me is that I really struggled to eat it all. I got through the first half easy, but then I nibbled on the rest over the course of a half hour. After that though I was off and spent the rest of the evening eating! I even went as far as to eat two slices of toast on my carb free diet! There were the last two slices and well I was in a tidy up kind of mood!

Really started to see a difference in weight today; it’s only day four and I’ve lost 5lbs so far! Calorie count is still, but then everything I’ve been eating is low cal, even all the cheese and chocolate doesn’t add up my cals! But then I’m not complaining, not really. Tomorrow I’ll do a full body measure and see if I’m loosing any inches, which is what really matters.

Calories Consumed: 809
Weight: 66.6kg 10st 6.4lbs
Weight Loss: 1.2kg 2.8lbs
Cumulative: 2.2kg 5lbs

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